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God's breath and Ice in a little Creek and the verses in Job 37:5-13
      Le soufle de Dieu et la glace d'un petit torrent.

ice designs

Ice lace in a little creek.     Des dentelles de glace dans un petit torrent.

English version

Job 37:5 Yes, certainly God shows us marvels and does great deeds that we cannot understand.
37:6 When he says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth!' to the showers, 'Now rain hard!'
37:7 he brings all human activity to a standstill, for everyone to acknowledge his work.
37:8 The animals go back to their dens and take shelter in their lairs.
37:9 The storm wind comes from the Mansion of the South, and the north winds usher in the cold.
37:10 At the breath of God, ice comes next, the surface of the waters hardens over.
37:11 He weighs the clouds down with moisture, and the storm clouds radiate his lightning.
37:12 He himself guides their wheeling motion presiding over their seasonal changes. They carry out his orders to the letter all over this earthly world.
37:13 Whether to punish earth's peoples or as a work of faithful love, he dispatches them.

French version

Job 37:5- Oui, Dieu nous fait voir des merveilles, il accomplit des oeuvres grandioses qui nous dépassent.
37:6- Quand il dit à la neige : "Tombe sur la terre!" aux averses : "Pleuvez dru!"
37:7- alors il suspend l'activité des hommes, pour que chacun reconnaisse là son oeuvre.
37:8- Les animaux regagnent leurs repaires et s'abritent dans leurs tanières.
37:9- De la Chambre australe sort l'ouragan et les vents du nord amènent le froid.
37:10- Au souffle de Dieu se forme la glace et la surface des eaux se durcit.
37:11- Il charge d'humidité les nuages et les nuées d'orage diffusent son éclair.
37:12- Et lui les fait circuler et préside à leur alternance. Ils exécutent en tout ses ordres, sur la face de son monde terrestre.
37:13- Soit pour châtier les peuples de la terre, soit pour une oeuvre de bonté, il les envoie.

One verse especially inspired me for these photos, which were taken at a time where I could not go very far away from the chalet (because I could not stay out for too long) but the sight of those ice lace designs matched the mood of this passage in Job. At least, this is how I felt. It seems to me that Job exists to teach us how to face suffering on one hand but on the other one, it is actually how to see farther and deeper, and be able to love and receive mercy even in tidy bits of cold water!


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