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A Poem by Kathy O'Connor ©2008

New blossoms at Forrest Hill station Everyday is a day of possibilities
To explore and to use the opportunies
Of this day, this today of our lives
To be a light shining upon another's pathway.

Everyday is a gift of life granted
To smile, to say yes and no appropriately
To admire the handiwork of God thru nature
And become a presence to the unappreciated.

Everyday is a chance to show
The love of another in thoughts, words and actions
To excel beyond your wildest dreams
And to praise the Creator for the abilities to do so.

Everyday is a chance to redeem ones self
To correct inequities' unjustly created and imposed
To pray and hope for a world in peaceful repose
And to say thank you at the end of the day, everyday.

Kathy O'Connor
is a local poet,
a woman of faith
and a gentle friend.
You can contact her at .

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