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    Brimming with life

"The reality of God living in Christ. Only now, in the midst of all that is known as "the world", rises a point that does not belong to the world; a place into which one may step; a room one may enter; a power on which one may lean; a love to which one may give oneself. This is reality, different from the reality of the world, more real than the world. Faith is the act of seizing this reality, of building one's life on it, of becoming part of it. The life of faith demands a revolution in our sense of reality. In our consciousness, which is not only entangled but completely befuddled by the world, the body is more real than the soul; electricity more real than thought; power more real than love; utility more real than truth. Together they form the world - incomparably more real than God."

Romano Guardini: The Lord (chapter VIII). For more on Romano Guardini, his life, his writings and excerpts from his books: here

Spring flowers in full bloom

Romano Guardini is such an inspiration to me!
His writings, which I had the blessing to study in a wonderful prayer group, a few years ago, are very formative, encouraging and strengthening.
Or so I think, and so I feel...
When I look, I can see the world brimming with life and the creation drenched in grace.
Even if, often enough, I cannot really see farther than myself, where my own self-induced distractions and recurring worryness are rather obscuring the view.
But thank God for the gift of Sunday!
Praise the Lord for the gift of the Eucharist!
It is a magnificent re-boot, a quite real and unique opportunity to re-direct our gaze to the transcendant.

A small bird on Ocean Beach

In the smallest of your creatures,
as in the strongest ones,
I see your hand, O Lord,
and I thank you and praise you,
for all the golden threads of life
running through the creation.
(this above prayer is my own little tribute)


big and yellow mimosa branches

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