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    LENT: Thank God
    for the journey of Lent!

Thank God for the journey of Lent! Every year, I look forward to it and this time, I was already writing in my head what I was going to do and wondered whether I should post it on facebook first or on my blog... I was going to say that I love Lent, that I am so grateful that it comes back every year because I need it, again and again. I look at it as a yearly trek, a sort of demanding pilgrimage, a true adventure in difficult territories and that the joy of Easter is ALWAYS the goal, which is what keeps me eager to start the journey, year after year.

Feeling well equipped

I was going to add that I feel well equipped, living in the heart of a large California city where I have full access to the sacraments. I already have a solid habit of turning to prayers for a variety of reasons and I planned to say many rosaries for the conversion of heart and mind of pro-choicers and terrorists and all those waging wars.
I also thought about the 4 books I could read in the next 40 days and I even thought I could take a photo of them lying on my desk... I am talking about “God or nothing” by Cardinal Sarah; “Subverted” by Sue Ellen Bowder; “My badass book of Saints” by Maria Morera Johnson; “L’esprit du judaisme” by BHL. You have to admit it, these titles show I have an eclectic mind, don’t they?

Well, this is when my conscience kicked in and raised a few questions.

The 3 pillars of LENT are (traditionnally):
- prayers
    ( towards God)
- sacrifices
    (towards myself)
- acts of charity
    (towards my neighbor)

Lent with an apple, a piece of bread, a glass of water, a rosary and the Bible

The 3 pillars (in my own words):
- learn one more prayer or one more psalm
    (choose one new to me)
- focus on one little thing I should do without
    (like complaining in my head!)
- acts of charity towards my neighbor
    (seek very practical ones: a phone call, a personal note, a compliment)


Why advertise how “good” I am?

Is it like talking about dieting as you eat a chocolate eclair? If making such a To-Do list (in my head!) makes me feel good about myself, then it is just a show of good intentions. It is all fluff. It is exactly what Jesus warned us against in the parable of the righteous Pharisee and the poor penitent in the back of the temple. This is what Saint Paul admonished us against when he said that the only thing we need is LOVE, that love and patience, kindness and forgiveness is what counts. I do know, in my heart, that to grow closer to God, humility and sacrifices are essential. Oh! La la la…

Thank God for each examination of conscience...

The good thing about an examination of conscience is that is that it puts everything in the proper perspective. So I’m not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, I will not change ALL my plans (because positive projection is very energizing) and I’ll keep most of them (except for posting it on Facebook). I will make sure to practice daily offerings of humility and gratitude in the next 40 days. And I promise to concentrate on welcoming God’s grace in my life, on focusing on God’s mercy.


One more question: sending a reflection to Catholic365 does not count as posting, right?...
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