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Beauty in nature: the 4 Seasons of 2007
Summer and Autumn in Northern California

Slide show: 7 pictures of California

The Bay Bridge The Bay Bridge

The waters in the oceans cover more than 70% of the earth
and the Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest ocean.
It is so vast that it could contain all the continents of the earth.

The Water of the Bay



Though the work of creation is attributed to the Father in particular,
it is equally a truth of faith that the Father (the Creator), the Son (the Incarnate Word)
and the Holy Spirit (the Giver of Life) together
are the one, indivisible principle of creation.
Creation is the work of the Holy Trinity. CCC 292

More Flowers



Science tells us that the waters came first then life sprung forth.
Science also tells us that the earth is "tuned for life".
The Biblical account of creation tells us that the waters were created on the third day, animal life on the fifth day and man on the sixth day.

For a very interesting read on the convergence of science and religion, check Chapter 2 of "The science of God" by Gerald Schroeder; a Jew, a scientist, a theologian, with a very healthy and respectful grasp of the Biblical texts. He said that "as a scientist, he looks at the universe and tries to extract underlying principles by which it functions". He is very adroit at explaining quickly and clearly such things as the law of gravity, of velocity, of relativity.
He also said: "At each stage, God withheld control to a greater or lesser extent. This allowed the world to develop according to the laws of nature created at the beginning and the moral responsibility implanted in the human soul"...

A bunch of Leaves

For we are God's fellow workers, you are God's field, God's building.1 Cor 3:12 .

Although I concentrated so far on the "beauty" in nature as being one line of access to God, there is another one, in nature still, which is the opposite of beauty but which can lead us to him too. I am referring to fear or fright (via volcanoes, earthquakes, flood, landslide, tsunamis).
Even terror can be a moment of understanding the power of God and crying out to him.

The GG Bridge in the Fog The Golden Gate Bridge and the fog rolling in


God upholds and sustains creation.
Recognizing our utter dependance with respect to the Creator
is a source of wisdom and freedom, of joy and confidence.


For Winter and Spring, click here

Seing God in nature.
- Seing God in others,
- in the Liturgy,
- in suffering...
But I write slowly so it might take me a while - but since I've been carrying this outline in my heart for a few months, I should really try to put in on paper. Virtual paper.

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