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List of my own articles (Michele Szekely)

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Heretics, Iconoclasts and Tattoos
a short reflection on John of Damascus and Flannery O'Connor... On the crucial importance of obedience, humility, and the Body of Christ
all I can say is Thank God for the Incarnation! read it here

Attacks in Paris and our RESPONSES,
an attempt at listing articles and testimonies,
so many of them extremely moving and definitively informative...
because it was - and it still is - such an edifying and defining moment: here

René Girard, a tribute.
In French and in English.
I greatly love his writings, I keep going back to them and, in the days following his death, on November 4 2015, I posted many quotes, comments and links
read them here

On Bagels and Love here
Being grateful for little children, being able to enjoy the simplest moments

Laudate Si
Excerpts, quotes, a collage and some photos about this wonderful encyclical from Pope Francis, on an integral ecology, with charity, with reason, for the common good, in French and in English; read it here

On Pope Francis visit to the US, October 2015 here
quotes in French and in English and a collage

The feast of Epiphany 2015 was very special to me, let's say those days of early January changed my life and my family life and it is ALL GOOD! here

A stormy afternoon by the Pacific
in Advent 2014 here
general reflections generated by a wave of enthusiasm and gratitude for the faith, for it all!

The Challenges of Caring
About the small daily struggles and successes, about loving and caring for our families, mini-stories of my life journey, tidbits and pix on wisdom and faith, updated April 2014 read it here

On Seizing the Moment of Lent here

Psaume 1
Lire ici le psaume et le commentaire. Psaume1

Catholic San Francisco published my Advent meditation:
"A Season of Grace and Gratitude"
on December 18, 2010; click here and go to page 17
or read it directly on this site: Grace And Gratitude

Catholic San Francisco published my commentary
"Of Scriptures and prayers, Facebook and food "
on February 4, 2011, click here and go to page 14
or read it directly on this site:
Of Scriptures and prayers, Facebook and food

The challenge of the communion of saints and my own google map! here
communion of saints

Catholic San Francisco published my reflection on prayers:
"Waters of the Ocean, Streams of Faith"
on June 10, 2011; click here and go to page 16 or click here
or read it on this site: Waters of the Ocean, Streams of Faith
with many photos.

My Quartet of Saints! published on March 10, 2011
click My Quartet of Saints and go to page 13.

Pentecost Reflection:

I'm thrilled to say that just posted my article:
Pentecost, the Holy Spirit and me! Read it here .

The Continuum of Life little windows on the various stages of life: here
Illustrated with a famous Icon and a few photos and a collage...

Dealing with Dementia: my own list of Do’s and Don’ts: here

The Problem of Suffering, my own thoughts: here .

Two slide shows with recent photos (Nov and Dec 2010) in the valley of the Haut-Giffre, in Haute-Savoie, France. Especially in black and white, snow scenes are beautiful! (Black & White: here and in color: here )


    I have made a few simple videos (via Animoto or xtranormal, two terrific sites)
    and here are the links to the ones I uploaded to YouTube :
    - Un petit tour of my city : here
    - Summer Fog: here
    - Berry Verrine recipe: here
    - A ray of hope will bring a smile to your face: here
    - The new Presentator: here
    - Je pars en vacances: here (IN FRENCH)
    - Cheese Puff Pastries recipe (on Animoto) : here
    - The only sustainable peace (on Vimeo) : here
    - A mini Flash movie on the theology of Saint Therese de Lisieux (on my blog): here
Psaume 65
Lire ici le psaume et le commentaire. Psaume 65
"Jesus of Nazareth" from Benedict XVI,
the high moment of the Transfiguration,
an insight from Saint Ephraim
and the fuller understanding of Scriptures.

The 3 stages of life
my own reflection on the time-line of our life...

The current crises and the next crises
The economy crises and the next threat to tear apart the fabric of society...

Read my own commentary on the Encyclical Letter:
Petite Fleur
On the importance of relationships,
on love and patience
and forgiveness.
A short comment on a beautiful chapter in
The Holy Longing
by Ronald Rolheiser.
here .

When the allegorical sense surpasses the litteral one.
I read a wonderful article by Robert Louis Wilken on the history of the allegorical sense in Biblical studies and it got me to think why it meant so much to me, so suddenly, so late in life... Wilken says that "Christian allegory is centered on Christ, it means interpreting the Old Testament as a book about Christ. Saint Ambrose wrote: "The Lord Jesus came and what was old was new". Everything in Scriptures is to be related to him". Read more here .

Mary Most Holy
I have written an Open Letter to Ingrid Betancourt,
whom I admire so much and whose release brought me - and the whole world - so much joy and so much hope, such a wonderful sense that peace is possible! Read it here and see my meditation/slideshow on praying to Mary Most Holy.

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sur ce site: allez voir Site Map

West Coast Walk-for-Life 2008
Pictures and comments.
Click here .

Free Tibet!
When the Olympic Torch went thru my City.
See my thoughts and my hopes and my pictures here .
My own tribute to a wonderful saint:
Saint Jean-Marie Vianney
and my own pilgrimage to Ars
Pro Nobis He died
and was buried
and descended to hell...
Light in Darkness
The Descent: traditional or dissenting? What happened that famous Saturday 2000 years ago is of the utmost importance for us and for the whole world. A commentary on "Light in Darkness" by Alyssa Pitstick on the theology of the Descent and Balthasar here .
Therese de Lisieux - a mini-movie on the theology of Saint Therese.Here
Help on the spiritual journey.
"If you don't know God, your purpose in life is to discover him.
If you do know God, your purpose in life is to cling to him."

My own Litanies of Gratitude and Fervent Intercessions here
about my favorite saints and my favorite writers in the life of faith.

Suffering... A commentary: here .

praying praying praying

The Delicate Juggling Art of

"Praying as a Family"

with many suggestions for the beginners or the more advanced among us
(posted on Spirit Daily on December 13 2006)
see article

Baby 1950   a little angel 1982  
The precarious position of the domestic church in the global village
(On how to build and defend the faith-life of the family)
The family is the very first school of love. But not according to the many messages being repeatedly offered as attractive models in the surrounding popular culture. Messages which are in direct conflict with the Christian faith: about instant gratification rather than developing patience and fortitude, messages about feeding our own needs rather than exercising the love of neighbor, about glorifying individualism rather than working for the common good.
(posted at CATHOLIC ONLINE, Oct 17, 2006)
See longer article here with pictures and references and links

See shorter version here
(published in the "Catholic San Francisco" newspaper June 2008
One bold, one meek,
two holy "Catherine":
Catherine of Alexandria and Catherine Laboure

is both the goal and the journey.
see my own commentary
after reading Spe Salvi,
the encyclical about HOPE

(published in the "Catholic San Francisco" newspaper March 2007)
Letter to my friend Humilité .
We haven’t got together in a while so I thought I would write you a note to catch up. Actually, I did see you very briefly the other day on the bus when you averted a mini-drama. The old Chinese lady was sitting right behind the bus driver and was getting ready to get off the bus. She was watching the road, gathering her cane and her bags of oranges when....

Read more here and see what reading a good (and different)
book encouraged me to write.
the beginning of Autumn
Why hope?
I wondered why God wants us
to have hope and practice it and
to be people of hope for others here

Beauty in nature: the 4 Seasons of 2007
Winter & Spring in the French Alps
pictures and reflections


Beauty in nature: the 4 Seasons of 2007
Summer and Autumn in California
pictures and reflections

coming storms "Faith in the face of the growing storms"

a reflection on the "stormy" state
of our world:

There are two storms on the horizon and they are both fast approaching: one is called Dissention and its fierce winds will agitate us and tear us apart. The other one is called Confusion and its menacing clouds will blind us, its sweeping rain will drench us and paralyze us. The storms will attack our families and our communities, it will zero in on our Church and our country, our neighbors, our allies and our enemies alike.
No one will escape them
see article

a slide show on the Lenten Journey here

The Triduum.
From the very moving service of Holy Thursday evening
to the Glory of Easter morning.
A slide show and reflections on these Most Holy Days here

the Golden Gate Bridge From the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge to the heart of the culture of life
The Bridge, suicide and assisted suicide and how our contemporary culture is more willing to get rid of the ones who are suffering rather than show compassion and take the time to hold their hand and embrace them and listen to them.
(article posted on the site "Catholics For The Common Good" in February 2005)
for the culture of life and against "assisted suicide"...

see article
The end of the CULTURE WAR
on contrasting "the spirit of Pentecost" and the "clamors of Babel".
A reflection on ethics and action and compassion
and a book by Fr. Cantalamessa.

Making a clear distinction between
building the culture of life on one hand
adding fuel to the culture war bonfire on the other hand.
(posted at CATHOLIC ONLINE, December 2, 2006)
see article
  I wrote a (little) story about Meeting the truth about Global Warming on a beach in California...
Just a few thoughts and a few pictures here

When Walking for Life is like Running the Gauntlet

On the very first West Coast
Walk for Life 2005
Walk For Life 2006
Walk For Life 2008
Walk For Life 2009

The Cross is the Tree of life...
Bearing fruits
You made the cross the tree of life
- give its fruit to those reborn in baptism…

Prayer, love and the three kinds of obedience. See here

and the faith
and the faithful.

A reflection on the status of the faith in Europe,
following the rejection of the European Treaty
and after reading a fascinating book from Benedict XVI
on the many facets of the European situation. see article
finding faith in nature
On faith and prayers and one specific desire...
(on spiritual communion)
(posted at CATHOLIC ONLINE, March 20, 2007)
see article

I just finished the book on Mother Teresa's private writings
and I am a bit overwhelmed by the magnitude of her dedication and her abnegation. It is all about love and obedience and fidelity, that is the main conclusion that I drew from her writings which are extremely Christocentric. And the fruits of Mother Teresa's faithful and complete obedience to Jesus are absolutely amazing! Here is a woman of faith, a simple but fervent and faithful nun, who got the call to dedicate herself to the poorest of the poor in India in 1946 and who spent the next 50 years living out that call in the most loyal and courageous manner you could imagine! Read more here.

Of rolling fog and driving faith and Mother Theresa.
Faith really allows us to see farther. Driving through the thickest part of the fog, I kept going because I knew that this road was going to take me home - even tough I could barely see it - and I found a bizarre beauty in the whole experience. It got me to thank God, to praise Him for his creation, which sometimes I see clearly and sometimes I don't, but I praise Him all the same. Mother Theresa's doubts of faith have been in the news a lot recently. Read more here.

What I learned from "God is love"
A commentary on the encyclical "Deus Caritas Est"
(posted on Spirit Daily April 8 2006)

I told my friend that I had got that kind of comment a few times myself and that it really irritated me because, as she did, I did not know what to say but I felt instinctively that I ought to be able to articulate my faith better.
Lucky for me, Pope Benedict XVI just did this for me.

see article here
De la glace dans le torrent photo par Michele Szekely

See my Slideshow on Ice in the Creek and Job 37:5-13 here
Diaporama sur les dentelles de glace dans le torrent et le chapitre 37 de Job versets 5-13

A Review of Prof. Burke's book on
"John the Baptist"
and the many paradoxical aspects of his life and mission

see article
John the Baptist
John Paul II
The death of John Paul II
(posted on Catholics For The Common Good site in April 2005)
and the ensuing tsunami of prayers and good will and sincere concerns
spreading around the globe following the death of the Pope.
This is quite a window of opportunity for all of us to beg God for blessings on His Church and on the whole world, for forgiveness for the structures of sins in our own culture and for mercy on our own weakness and timidity in living out our faith. see article
"Choisir" le Christ.
Introduisant la Preface du prochain livre de Benoit XVI
sur Jesus voir l'article
  One plenary indulgence for the Day of the sick
see article

"The tsunamis & the Kingdom of God"
(Posted on Spirit Daily in January 2005)
Seeing the link from Mat 28:28 "Go and make disciples of all nations"
to today's awareness of the global family, my first reaction to the tsunamis in Indonesia
was to watch in astonishment God's plan being publicly played out on a planetary scale.
see article

Why exercise? why diet? why pray? here
Reading a letter from a friend.
Saint Paul: Roman 12
see article
Quand la simple lecture d'une lettre nous remet en forme
L'Epitre aux Romains

voir l'article
 La guerre et l'avortement
(les divisions politiques aux elections presidentielles de 2004 aux US)
lire l'article

La Mere Lillie, l'encyclique sur l'Eucharistie, la Prop. 71
(un monastere au Mexique et les machinations politiques en Californie)
lire l'article

(January 2008) An evening with Mother Lillie Mother Lillie Last night, Mother Lillie spoke about counting our blessings and thanking God, this most wondrous God who created us and love us, who put us here for a very specific reason and do we know that reason? Or do we let ourselves be distracted from our true vocation and spend so much time grumbling and complaining… She spoke to great length about the children of Mount Tabor, of the love and healing that they receive from the Sisters and the joy and love that they give in return and of the true healing that can only be accomplished by the love of Jesus, this most deep and complete healing that will overcome any abuse or brokenness. Read more here on Mother Lillie and The Trinitarians of Mary

Mother Lillie TRAVEL DIARY: Mother Lillie monastery in Mexico, Prop 71 in California, the Encyclical on the Eucharist. (first posted on in November 2004)
A Sister took us to the original building, the first one they had, where she told us to leave our bags in the inner courtyard and wait in the Chapel. I remembered that one of the first things that attracted me to this place was a black and white picture of the Sisters doing Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in a trailer. You could see one Sister kneeling by the door, her two feet sticking out of the doorway. I was so impressed by the thought of them coming from San Diego, planting their little trailer on top of the hill, and starting Adoration right away.
Read morehere
Praying and working for a Pro-Life culture in a Pro-Peace nation
"On War & Abortion" and the presidential elections
(posted on in September 2004)

From where I stand, I see something unfolding and I wonder what God wants us to do with it, and why it is happening now... I see a bottom line being drawn in the sand, with the war in Iraq on one side and abortion on the other. Each side is appalled at what they see tolerated by the other side: the one thing they abhor. Each side offers a cohesive worldview, but with one large, blind spot. And in the end, we will all suffer, unless we are able to take the beam out of our own eyes first see article

A soft-spoken Pope is forbiden to speak at La Sapienza!
Pope Benedict's lecture prepared for La Sapienza is fascinating and is all about the faith offered freely, the freedom brought by the truth and the progress made possible by reason! here
Saint among savages.
A Huron Chief asked for baptism, and in 1642 Father Jogues and the other missioners held council, in the Huron fashion, and each of the natives who sought baptism was called upon to argue his petition.
The life and death of Saint Isaac Jogues among American Indians. here
Temptations: great and small.
How will we deal with the big one when it comes if we don't really see the little ones hurling themselves at us daily? I wondered about this. And then I was fortunate enough to start reading some magnificent pages on The First Temptation of Jesus in the desert in Chapter Two of Pope Benedict XVI "Jesus of Nazareth". Read more here
The News - The Clouds - The Faith
a weather forecast from my petite window.

Storms in Irak, the swaying in the breeze of the coming French elections, the open book of the Church vs the sly and secretive agenda of some but nevertheless much hope in exercising our faith, daily, and checking out new theologians.
In English here
In French ici
  The Archbishop of Paris Msgr Vingt-Trois,
in view of the upcoming French elections, has outlined our responsibilities as Christian leaders and as Christian voters.

I offer both the French and English version of Msgr Vingt-Trois sermon here
Death Penalty Moratorium
On Catholic Social Justice doctrines and why Californians should ask for a Moratorium now

San Francisco
en noir et blanc

San Francisco en noir et blanc by Michele Szekely

A Photo Essay and a personal tribute to San Francisco, in a series of black and white photos, with very short (and reflective) commentaries; focusing on the nature within the City, the parks, the fountains, and the Pacific Ocean lapping at our door steps; and focusing also on the structures, the various bridges, the buildings, the massive and fascinating lines of an urban setting. Why black and white photos? Because there is a timeless beauty to them, a sober elegance... sheer poetry!
One version in English and one bilingual version (in English and in French)
74 pages - $37 on
For The Journey

Pictures For The Journey by Michele Szekely
A photo essay, in color, in three sections: the first section is on a small village in the French Alps during the various seasons, then the second one is all about San Francisco and the Bay Area, the Pacific Ocean, the Bridges, the Golden Gate Park and the buildings downtown, and finally the third section is on the little things around us and a reflection on how to sharpen our beauty-bound antennas, finishing with a chart on how to do it!
Lulu told me that this book will soon be listed on although it is not there yet
72 pages - $39 on

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