little flowers of faith: daisies
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little flowers of faith: daisies

It is January 2015
and I have a new granddaughter!


Epiphany Day, January 6, 2015. Marceline and I go to St. Cecilia to say a prayer, thanking God for the birth of her little sister the day before.

I call them the "Epiphany bookend babies" because the big sister was born on January 7, the day after this most wonderful feast. And just in case we did not pay enough attention to what this feast is about, then two years later, God sends her little sister to be born on January 5, the day before Epiphany…. This is the moment when Jesus Christ is publicly revealed to the world. The light of the Incarnation illuminates our mind, heart and soul. Our own world-view is suddenly enlarged to go to the ends of the earth and to view the whole of history as one coherent continuum. And it is all about love! The love of God and the love of neighbor. The Epiphany feast is all about the big picture and it is anchored in Christ. And in his Mother, his Saints and his Angels, and two new little ones.

Little children are such a blessing, they are given to us to treasure, to care and to love and to guide. They are more complex and lovely than fuchsias hanging over a wall in January in California; they are more mysterious than the sudden morning colors on a few clouds in a sun rise over Mount Davidson, more grand and fascinating than the sun sinking into the Pacific Ocean at Lands End...


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