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Walk For LIFE 2018
Walk For Life West Coast
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Walk For LIFE 2018


It was a very good Walk! I was there and I took photos and I have already posted a few of them on facebook. It was such a good day and it is so encouraging for me to see so many people. Lots of people, more and more each year. Very good atmosphere, very friendly and peaceful and positive, very family oriented. So many young people too and to see them taking a public stand for such a crucial ethical issue but such a controversial one, something which is so easily dismissed and derided by most of the media (but not all, SF Gate wrote a very good and fair piece here ). Nevertheless, it is such a hot topic issue, still not embraced by so many politicians. I do think a lot of them do not know the people marching, they have been told we are right wing nut cases or some kind of extreme home schoolers or stuff like that and they have not checked it out closely. Which is why I want to post photos of us, marching, and photos of the signs, especially the hand written signs. As far as I could tell there were thousands and thousands of us, possibly close to 40 or 50 000 pro-life marchers. I was there at the first Walk in 2005 (I wrote about it here) and the protesters are dwindling down in numbers every year, although they are still pretty virulent, absolutely certain that "their" idea of feminism is "free abortions on demand, no regret". Personally, I think that this idea that for a woman to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy in such a dramatic way is actually an act of freedom has got to be the biggest fake news of all! Well at least one of them. And how come it was swallowed so easily and for so long by so many people? Oh well, I can answer this one: I understand how tempting it is to espouse such a view because, as I wrote earlier, I agreed with it in my own youth… Oh my conscience was tugging at me on that one but I do remember how easily it is to take a grand stand on what is mainly self-serving.
But I don't want to discuss and debate today, I can only tell you that my very favorite sign at the March last Saturday was the one saying "Embrace grace"!

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