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Le Bénédicité

Bénédiction avant les repas

The French Blessing before meals, usually sang all together.
This is actually my family's version where, somehow, along the years, we added the 4th verset and
where my granddaughters sing the very last word: AMEN forcefully and joyfully!

      Bénissez-nous, Seigneur,
      Bénissez ce repas,
      Ceux qui l'ont preparé,
      Ceux qui vont le partager,
      Et procurez du pain
      A ceux qui n'en ont pas.

French croissants Michele's breakfast food

Whether your breakfast is the wonderful traditional French one of Croissants, Croix de Savoie au sucre ou Beignet aux pommes (in the left photo)
or more like mine nowadays, which is, in ascending order, and because of diabetes: low carbs, protein
and veges, mostly greens (as in the photos on the right) the need to say "Thank you !" is still there, before the first bite.

Another Blessing Before Eating is this one of mine, which took shape in my heart a few years ago, and which I usually say silently :

    I thank you, Lord, for the food in front of me,
    For my family and my friends around me
    And for all the other ones you have placed
    Right there on my journey.
    I thank you first and foremost
    For your Son Jesus Christ !
    And for the varied and many gifts
    You offer to each one of us
    In you mercy and your grace.


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