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Dedication to Mary of the San Francisco Archdiocese

Today Saturday October 7 2017 was an amazing and beautiful day in San Francisco with a most extraordinary feast, a unique event: the consecration of the archdiocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, timed with the 100 year anniversary of Fatima. The Cathedral on Geary was packed, the liturgy, the prayers, the litanies, all were extremely moving. We all knew it was a very special moment. It was both a solemn ritual and a warm and joyful event at the same time, filled with fervor and devotion, sustained with supranatural graces, and the result was exhilarating.
Have I mentioned yet gratefulness, a feeling of being blessed? Because there lies the consequence of such a beautiful day.
Here are some of my own photos, in a collage, and I am posting here also the beginning of the prayer of consecration, led by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, said in English and in Spanish (and in Latin too):

Prayer of Consecration

Queen of the Holy Rosary,
Help of Christians,
Refuge of the human race,
Conqueress in God's battlefields,
Look with compassion upon us in all of the material and moral destruction afflicting our world, in the suffering and fears of fathers and mothers, of husbands and wives, of brothers and sisters and innocent children. Look at the many lives cut down in the flower of youth, so many lives lost in the brutal violence of war and terrorism, and religious persecution, so many souls tortured and troubled and in danger of being lost eternally.
Oh Mother of Mercy, obtain peace for us from God!

Do check the archdiocese site for more information: here and, in the meantime, enjoy my photos of a wonderful blessed day in The City :

Dedication to Mary photo2 Dedication to Mary photo3 Dedication to Mary photo4 Dedication to Mary photo5 Dedication to Mary photo7 Dedication to Mary photo8 Dedication to Mary photo9 Dedication to Mary photo10 Dedication to Mary photo11

Marial Apparitions collage

Mary has appeared hundreds and hundreds of times, throughout the last 20 centuries and up to the present. The above collage only mentions a few of the most famous.
The photo of Guadalupe's is mine, taken in the San Francisco cathedral, and the one of la Rue du Bac in Paris is mine too;
the other ones are from Prayer cards


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