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Petites prayers for every moment of the day, from the Curé d'Ars

To prep myself for the upcoming weather, I called one friend of mine and he reminded me how important it is to exercise my soul every day and he gave me a few practical and useful hints:

- before work:
  offer your efforts and your fatigue for the expiation of sins,
  yours and the world's;

- before meals:
  always be grateful for what you are going to eat;

- during meals:
  if you find yourself absent-mindedly stuffing food in your mouth, stop and turn to God,
  beg him to forgive you,
  thank him for showing you how easily you can get suck into worldly pleasures;

- in difficult times:
  recognize that God's ways are different from your wishes and accept them, in tender submission;

- in moments of temptation:
  turn immediately to Christ and cry out for help!
  Saint Catherine herself used to say when faced with temptation: "I put my trust in you, Jesus, and not in my own will";

- while walking:
  associate every step to the Lord's walk on this earth including his climb on Mount Calvary;

- when bad thoughts arise in your heart:
  plead our Lord to answer your prayer and deliver you from the torments of temptation so that your heart and mind
  will become a temple worthy of the Spirit.

Note that there is not a moment, day or night, when on this earth there is not a multitude of pious souls sending to God their fervent supplications and petitions, which is why it will be very useful to unite your prayers to them, so you can join in to the great symphony of praise, where even the smallest voices are welcomed with mercy.

(Catholic Hours of Ars: prayers of a servant of God)

Pray for us, Saint Jean Vianney!

See same prayer in French here: "Petits exercices de piété pendant la journée"


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