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A prayer of silence and listening and patience ...

O Lord, I offer you this moment of silence.

faith and flowers

This moment is for You.
I consent to Your action
In my mind and in my heart
In my will and in my soul.
I welcome Your action!

And to prepare myself, to make room for You,
I will sit here, quietly, with my eyes closed,
In an attitude of peaceful rest and loving devotion,
My intent is to welcome You.
I will slow down my thoughts and my imagination,
I will calm down my fears and my emotions,
I will try to exercise patience and humility
And I offer you these feeble efforts…

I lift up my soul to You,
Whispering in my heart and in my mind,
"Here I am! Quiet but attentive to You"


In an effort to practice moments of silence on my part but with the intent of being attentive to God's voice at the very same time, I wrote this prayer. I offer Him short moments of recollection, giving Him my complete attention, for these few minutes of quiet time carved out of a busy day. Or so I try, once in a while....


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