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Help on the Spiritual Journey.

I was going to write my own book on "The Only Two Needed Advices For The Spiritual Journey" and it was going to say:

"If you don't know God, your purpose in life is to discover him. If you do know God, your purpose in life is to cling to him …
And for those who are vacillating on where they stand exactly or what they want precisely, your task is to work on both the discovery part and the clinging part. That is it! It is that simple. There is nothing else in life more important than the search for truth and the living out of that truth once we get a hold of it. One last note: Do expect to pass from one mode to the other (from the searching to the clinging and back and forth again) within your own life time. What am I saying? Within this coming week…"

This was the general idea of my book but instead of writing it, I started this blog.

As I got older, I became aware that I have not always written as many Thank You Notes in my life-time as I should have, so I want to post here my own litanies of gratitude for the help already received on the spiritual journey mingled with fervent intercessions for the help still much needed.

The truth is that God has put terrific teachers and preachers in my path and they keep opening doors for me; I have an expanding circle of friends who are strong believers themselves and they keep inspiring me; I have been blessed with the constant flow of the most edifying books falling in my lap; I am very devoted to the crucial connections that I have made in very high (and heavenly) places and they keep encouraging me.

Sharing our wealth and resources is definitively my understanding of the Christian life so I am offering these litanies where I list all the ones who have helped me in the past and the ones who are now helping me, in one broad and eclectic stroke:

Litanies of Gratitude and Fervent Intercessions for Help on the Spiritual Journey

Saint Michael, pray for us. Defend us against the lies and fabrications of the ennemy.
Saint Paul, pray for us. Help us articulate and share our faith.
Saint Joseph, pray for us. Protect us as you protected the Holy Family.
Saint Augustine, pray for us. Steer us away from modern heresies.
Saint Monica, pray for us. Help us bring our children to the true faith.
Saint Catherine of Sienna, pray for us. Stamp us with your burning zeal for the Lord.
Saint Teresa of Avila, pray for us. Lead us in the constant reform of our lives.
Saint Francois de Sales, pray for us. Helps us discern the true life of devotion.
Saint Jean Vianney, pray for us. Give us the courage needed for the long journey.
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, pray for us. Show us how to share and give away everything as you did.
Saint Therese de Lisieux, pray for us. Teach us how to apply your "little path" in our daily lives.
Saint Edith Stein, pray for us. Share with us your search for truth and your profound love of Christ.
Saint Maximilien Kolbe, pray for us. Instill in us the boldness needed to be true witnesses.
Saint Philomena, pray for us. Remove from our path the stumbling blocks that keep us away from the Lord.

O Holy Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help, intercede for us.
I thank you for your motherly love and I ask you to intercede especially for the following souls whose writings on your Son, the Incarnate Word, have already greatly helped me:
Dietrich Bonhoeffer,
Simone Weil,
Flannery O'Connor,
Thomas Merton,
Romano Guardini,
Father Alexander Schmemann.
May they rest in peace with God.
I ask for a special blessing for our late Pope, John Paul II, whose life, actions and writings, have shaped my coming back to the faith.

And now, turning to the Holy Spirit, I thank YOU!
I offer all my gratitude for the guidance and discernment you have brought me. I put all my trust in you and I ask you to protect and lead and bless the following friends:
Father Groeshel,
Father Cantalamesa,
Kathleen Norris,
Scott Hahn,
Mother Lillie,
Nadine Brown,
Fr. Longenecker,
the Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright,
Metropolitan Kyrill,
Pope Benedict XVI.

Veni, Sancte Spiritus!


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