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Vois je fais un monde nouveau...

Puis je vis un ciel nouveau, une terre nouvelle - car le premier ciel et la première terre ont disparu, et de mer, il n'y en a plus. Je vis la Cité sainte, Jérusalem nouvelle, qui descendait du ciel, de chez Dieu ; elle s'est faite belle, comme une jeune mariée parée pour son époux.

Hope - photo by Michele Szekely

J'entendis alors une voix clamer, du trône : "Voici la demeure de Dieu avec les hommes. Il aura sa demeure avec eux ; ils seront son peuple, et lui, Dieu-avec-eux, sera leur Dieu. Il essuiera toute larme de leurs yeux : de mort, il n'y en aura plus ; de pleur, de cri et de peine, il n'y en aura plus, car l'ancien monde s'en est allé. "

Alors, Celui qui siège sur le trône déclara:
" Voici, je fais l'univers nouveau. "

Le Giffre a SIXT-FER-A-CHEVAL       Cascade du Rouget SIXT-FER-A-CHEVAL

La rivière de notre vallée: le Giffre, just avant d'arriver au village de Sixt-Fer-A-Cheval, et la Cascade du Rouget, également à Sixt-Fer-A-Cheval,
Valleée du Haut-Giffre, Haute-Savoie, France, photos prises en juillet 2023 par moi, Michele Szekely.

Et encore : C'est toi, Seigneur, qui aux origines fondas la terre, et les cieux sont l'ouvrage de tes mains. Eux périront, mais toi tu demeures, et tous ils vieilliront comme un vêtement. Comme un manteau tu les rouleras, comme un vêtement, et ils seront changés. Mais toi, tu es le même et tes années ne s'achèveront point.

Apocalypse 21

the New Jerusalem SF_and_MARY

My collage for this updated conclusion:

I had this idea of making a sort of collage for The New Jerusalem, for this page of mine, inspired by Revelations 21. I wanted it to be with a San Francisco and Silicon valley background, with a few key moments. I actually contacted ChatGPT and asked the poor thing to draw my idea of a stunning city being lowered from heaven and it told me it cannot do graphics, only text! Silly me, I forgot. And I asked who could and it did advise me which AI could help. By that time, I felt I was going to use my own photos and do it myself! So here you have:
- A beautiful sunset in the Sunset district (which is still the banner for the Sunset facebook group), photo taken from the top of the Quintara stairs.
- Left to right: the Google headquarters, the Apple Loop, Neiman Marcus with Christmas lights, and the GG Bridge, taken from China Beach.
- And in the center, the statue of Saint Francis (in front of City College), him, the poor servant of God, the peace maker, the lover of all things and animals and people, is the patron saint of The City. There is a certain irony to this since the recent financial boom from Silicon Valley. But things have changed and now all the new high-rises of the last two decades stand half empy...
- And below Saint Francis, one of the wonderful Hearts of SF, hundreds of them scattered thru the City and rotating regularly.
- On the left and the right, at the bottom of this collage: two apparitions of Mary: Lourdes and Guadalupe, with a small photo of "Star of the Sea" (which has a continuous exhibit of all apparitions) and another one of "NDV" (the French church of The City), each photo was taken last Christmas.
- Why mix San Francisco and Silicon Valley and the faith? Because this is the place where I experienced a deep conversion, a wonderful return to the faith and rejoined the Church! I've lived in the City for 50 years now, and this life-changing moment happened more than 25 years ago, thanks to the grace of God.
- I know the City is going through some rough times right now, there has been a degradation of the quality of life, for that matter, the whole of California is not in good shape. But I have hope things could change in SF. And it will be the people, not the money, not the politicians, but the people, who will make it happen. Maybe not in my life time... But there are many prayer warriors there and here and everywhere, so we will see.
So this post is actually a small effort on my part to say: stay firm, do good and keep hope alive!
Posted from the French Alps, where I am currently.

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