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Lent and Easter 2016

rainbow in an alpine landscape quote from John McKenzie and saint John the Apostle

The Resurrection

The Resurrection is the key to the Beginning and the End of the meaning of the universe.
The universe is shot through with intelligence. It exists so that reasonable beings other than God could exist...

Read more of this wonderful reflection of James V. Schall, S.J. here

cherry blossom and a quote about God's forgiveness

Mercy and forgiveness

But before flooding us with its benevolence, mercy demands truth, justice and repentance. In God, mercy will become "forgiveness".
Thus we are at the center of the Gospel message. Forgiveness is the most striking face of God's love for mankind.
God knows man's failures and great weaknesses, but he casts his Heart upon our misery. God rejoices to forgive us…
from "GOD OR NOTHING", by Cardinal Sarah.

St Joseph Chapel during Lent
St Ignatius church Works of Mercy during Lent

Above: The Works of Mercy (banners displayed in Saint Ignatius Church)


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