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      Saint Francis of Sales

Le Criou, French Alps

Today January 24 is Saint François de Sales feast day and he was from the French Alps, my own corner of the world!
He was a priest, a bishop, a Doctor of the Church; author of many books on the Interior life and how to grow in the love of God and love of neighbor; he was known for his gentleness and patience towards all, for his efforts at dialog and diplomacy when seeking the conversion of protestants, he handwrote his sermons on pieces of paper and slip them under their doors and it is said that he brought back more than 40,000 people into the fold of the Church, he is the patron Saint of teachers and students, of writers and journalisfts. All around the world, there are many schools (to this day!), which are offering a Catholic education based on his profound insights and strong pedagogical instructions.

Saint Fran├žois de Sales, priez pour nous!

Saint Francois de Sales photo 1 by Mich Szek    Saint Francois de Sales in Basilica photo 3 by Mich Szek

    citation saint Francois de Sales    collage of field flowers

Saint Francois de Sales photo 2 by Mich Szek

photo of Annecy and its beautiful and serene lakeshore...

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