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  Pelerinage diocesain a La Benite Fontaine en septembre 2022

  Participating in a diocesan pilgrimage is quite a treat!

September 16 2022....I went to « La Benite Fontaine », to be part of a local yearly pilgrimage, about 10 days ago. I went with a friend, a neighbor here in Vercland, and I met there another friend, whom I met in San Francisco 20 years ago and whom I see regularly here in Haute Savoie and in the Bay Area too. The pilgrimage was special this year since we have a new bishop in our diocese of Annecy! It was a very good sunny day, a great day filled with joy and faith, with music and hymns and friendship!
Benite Fontaine 2022(1)   Benite Fontaine 2022(2)
Benite Fontaine 2022(3)   Benite Fontaine 2022(4)
Benite Fontaine 2022(5)   Benite Fontaine 2022(6)
Benite Fontaine 2022(7)   Benite Fontaine 2022(8)
Benite Fontaine 2022(9)   Benite Fontaine 2022(10)
Benite Fontaine 2022(11)   Benite Fontaine 2022(12)

Here is a video shot before the Mass, with the wonderful Choir from Annemasse. There were so many priests and deacons, such a large crowd, it was a beautiful moment:
The song they are singing is "Regarde l'Etoile, Invoque Marie, si tu la suis, tu ne crains rien..."
video la Chorale La Benite Fontaine 2022


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