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Cascade du Fer-A-Cheval, Sixt, French Alps

ASCEND! said Padre Pio

Spiritual Recommendation from Padre Pio who once said:

"In the spiritual life
you must take one step forward
each day, again and again,
in a vertical line,
from the bottom up"

The exacting challenges of a spirituality lived as an extreme sport! Theologically, this advice is very sound, firmly orthodox and wholly faithful, since it is based on exalting the Lord above all things, reflecting on the vertical dimension of our aspirations and knowing, intimately (more or less), the realities of our life as well as the realities of a transcendant life. The source and goal of our journey is higher than the sky, above everything else, beyond all creation, and our life is an ascent, a constant escalation of the creature toward its Creator, exercised daily, in our souls, one step at a time.

Imagine trying to escalate this waterfall, on the photo on the right, and doing it in winter time, when it is half frozen? There is an extreme sport called "ice climbing"... I just watched a documentary. This looks so unnattainable to me! But I don't have to do this, although I admire those who do. On the other hand, I can try to emulate their courage and determination and skills in other ways which would benefit me greatly: I am fairly certain that what is asked of us, each one of us, is to do the best we can, in the light of Christ, with love for God and for our neighbor, in whatever position we are in life, at whatever age we are, and with whatever strength or feebleness we have!

Spiritual counsel from Padre Pio, photo taken in Le Cirque du Fer-A-Cheval, Sixt, in the French Alps, photo and comments from me, MicheleSzek@2022

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