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A flower shimmers in the light.

The Spirit of the Lord has filled the whole world,
alleluia, alleluia.
He sustains all creation and knows every word that is spoken,
alleluia, alleluia.
(from the Liturgy of the Hours,
Morning Prayer, Pentecost 2007)

Every time we see God in his creation,
in a beautiful flower in the morning sun,
in the smile of a child,
in the gratitude of a frail grandparent;
in welcoming such opportunities, big and small,
we are allowing the Spirit to flow over the earth.

Every effort that we make to care for each other,
to sustain and help each other along the way;
every wrong we bear patiently,
every time we show kindness and patience to one another,
we are helping the Spirit of the Lord
bring peace and unity on earth.

O God,
I praise you in your creation
and I praise you in us,
your creatures!





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