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Index of my photos of the French Alps & Northern California

I love to take pictures of nature, of the movement of light at work in the world, of a specific angle revealing a promise, a harmony, the possibility of something more than what we actually see, barely outlined in front of me for an instant... Most of my pictures are either of a small village in the French Alps, the clouds in the sky, the flowers in the fields, the trees and the grand mountains in Haute-Savoie or pictures of Northern California where I want to document the moods of the Pacific ocean, the waves, the people riding them, the sunsets and where I constantly seek to catch glimpses of urban beauty in San Francisco and the Bay Area...

Various quotes and my photos of nature, to celebrate the beauty around us, to give us strength on the journey: here.

Autumn 2011, a feast of gold and red colors in the forest! here.

Panoramic photos of my corner of Haute-Savoie: here.

Cat Bath For cat lovers: a slide show on one little kitten, in the middle of the field, delicately cleaning his paws: here

De la glace dans le torrent photo par Michele Szekely Slideshow on Ice in the Creek & Job 37:5-13; Diaporama sur la glace dans le torrent & le chapitre 37 de Job: here

In black and white and in color Two Slide Shows, late 2010, pairing the Alps and California by a common theme: here

snow A slide show on Snow and Frost, January 2009 in the Northern French Alps: here