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My own dual advice for the Journey

I was going to write my own book on "The Only Needed Advice For The Spiritual Journey" and it was going to say:
    1) If you don't know God, your purpose in life is to discover him.
   2) If you do know God, your purpose in life is to cling to him …
It is actually a dual advice, made of these two poles which we need to be aware, constantly. And for those of us who are vacillating on where we stand exactly or what we want precisely, the task is to work on both the discovery part and the clinging part. That is it! Only two steps. It is that simple. There is nothing else in life more important than the search for truth and the living out of that truth once we get a hold of it. To "Seek" and "search" and "discover"... To want to know and understand! To be able to “articulate what you are longing for and where do we stand in the world” is a wonderful quest. To "Cling to" means to "attach yourself to"; to choose what is truly good for you. Another way to put it is "Throw the line out as a fisherman hopes to catch a fish". Better yet, to illustrate the actual clinging, one could say: “In an emergency, how to extend your hand out in the hope of catching that lifeline…” This is more life changing than just a quest, it becomes both the goal and the process for the journey. And how do I know all this? Because both recommendations 1 and 2 happened to me 25 years ago and were the very first steps in the most amazing journey, the best adventure of all. One last note: Do expect to pass from the mode of seeking to the other one of clinging (and back and forth again) within your own lifetime. What am I saying? Within this coming week… because this is normal for us to do, poor human beings that we are. One or two steps forward and one (or two) steps backward. But keep trying! Improvement especially self improvement takes time. But "Do it!" is often the best advice.

This was the general idea of my book but instead of writing it, I started this blog.

Writing THANK YOU notes

As I got older, I became aware that I have not always written as many Thank You Notes in my life-time as I should have, so I want to post here my own litanies of gratitude for the help already received on the spiritual journey mingled with fervent intercessions for the help still much needed. The truth is that, as soon as I started on this specific path, God put terrific teachers and preachers on it and they keep opening doors for me; He also gave me an expanding circle of friends who are strong believers themselves and who certainly inspired me; furthermore, I have been blessed with the constant flow of the most edifying books falling in my lap and they have nourished and encouraged me; and finally I am very devoted to the crucial connections that I have made in very high (and heavenly) places and their support has been endless and amazing every step of the way.

"SHARING" is an essential Christian trait, isn't it?

Sharing our wealth, assets and resources is definitively my understanding of the Christian life. And we have so many valuable reserves: SCRIPTURE, TRADITION and the SACRAMENTS, especially the two of them available to us on a regular basis: the EUCHARIST and CONFESSION. Then add to this PRAYERS and THE COMMUNION OF SAINTS and you get a most formidable mix of resources, a treasure chest, to turn to.

Inspired by them, I am now offering My owne Litanies of Gratitude and Requests for Continued Help on the Journey right here below. I list all the holy ones who have helped me in the past, all my brothers and sisters in the faith. Knowing each one of them in prayer includes the reading of their books or quotes as well as books about them, furthermore it also includes listenings to sermons or conferences about them, and I can vouch that this never ending reading and listening turned out to be so essential to me, so enriching, a real constant blessing. Plus, let's not forget the visits to Sanctuaries, the pilgrimages to Holy Sites, even the Oratories and Crosses dotting the landscape, especially here in the French Alps, hundreds and hundreds of them, in the forest, at a cross road or on top of mountains, unexpected visible reminders of the transcendance surrounding us and I, here and now, address them all in one broad and eclectic stroke. To illustrate them even more, I added links to other pages of mine on them here on this site:

My own Litanies of Gratitude and Requests for Continuing Help on the Journey


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