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Pictures of the Walk For Life West Coast - 2009

All along the San Francisco Waterfront

Walk For Life West Coast 2009  photo 1   Walk For Life West Coast 2009  photo 2

Walk For Life West Coast 2009  photo 3   Walk For Life West Coast 2009  photo 4

Walk For Life West Coast 2009  photo 5   Walk For Life West Coast 2009  photo 6

Walk For Life West Coast 2009  photo 7   Walk For Life West Coast 2009  photo 8

Today's Walk was filled with hope and joy, and with great determination!

The crowd was vibrant, obedient and friendly (which is a great combination!). The posters along the route say it all. The weather was cold and wet (I am talking about the surrounding temperature and the sky above, not the political climate!) but nevertheless, there is great hope that things can change, people's heart will be softened and more and more minds will eventually be opened up to welcome Life, to truly promote it, at every stage of life, from natural conception to natural death. What a day. It was so encouraging to see so many young and old people walk together, so many beautiful smiles. I walked with a friend in the front of the March and I recognized many more friends along the way. The speakers at the beginning had been very inspiring and the mood of the marchers is more determined each year.

This year, I ignored the few protesters except for the one picture below:

Disturbing sign by a protester

Here above is one disturbing picture... At least, we know what his agenda is.

Someone asked the guy in the upper right corner if he had put up this banner and his answer was "I am not saying..." Whether he did it or someone else did it, whomever it is, let's pray that their heart be touched by the Prince of Peace...

The Walk For Life West Coast is the opportunity to take a stand for life issues and family values, for going against the grain and walking for the sanctity of life, of every life. Because the truth is that there is no such thing as an unwanted life, every life is a gift. Trust that there will be along the way another family member or a dedicated teacher or a true friend who will see beyond the surface of things and treasure this life, even if its beginnings seemed rocky. That's the history of the people of the world! Things can change, blessings will follow hardships and moments of silence will follow moments of elated singing. Every life holds so much promise! We need to know this clearly in our own minds and hearts and to encourage and support the ones who cannot see it, that is what working for the common good is about, that is exactly what loving our neighbor should be. Choose Life! And come and walk by the waterfronts of San Francisco on Saturday January 24, 2009.

Images of Walk For Life West Coast 2009

What a beautiful sight! A Pro-Life billboard in San Francisco.

One of the biggest lie of my generation, an obfuscate and malicious lie for that matter (although I must admit it is a very cleverly crafted one and it can appear so practical!) is the lie that abortion is a question of choice. I understand that "choice" represents "freedom" and that is why it is ever so tempting. But the truth is that freedom only exists when both choices are of the same worth and real freedom implies an awareness of the consequences of the choices in question and it is always coupled with responsibility. That is why a choice made under duress is not really a free choice, and that is also why a choice made under delusion or false pretends is not a free choice either and this is recognized in legal courts.

Freedom has to be coupled with responsibility, choices and consequences have to be explained clearly and fully, alternatives have to be offered, support and compassion for all parties involved have to be part of the whole picture.

In terms of ethics, there are degrees of difference between the one doing a negative act out of despair in a state of crises, or the one recommending this negative act in veiled terms, manipulating the truth of the situation, presenting a tragic choice as an attractive choice, exploiting the vulnerability involved in the moment. When this person holds a public position of responsibility, such as a news editor, a university professor, a doctor or a leading politician, their ethical responsibility is even that much greater.

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